Building a woodshop out of shipping containers

Commercial space is hard to come by in Ballard and rent is quite expensive as well. My solution was to build a 320 sqft wood shop from two shipping containers and keep it in an equipment storage yard where rent is cheap. This is how it went together.

Delivery of the goods. Two 20' shipping containers.

Removing the inside wall sections. Surprisingly an angle grinder and a box of good cut-off wheels turned out to be the best tool for the job. I would not recommend a cutting torch. The joint where the corrugated panels meet the structural members is caulked and makes a smokey mess.

Machining the corner plates that will draw the containers together.

Corner plate installation. I primed the mating surfaces of the two containers and just before pushing them together applied two generous beads of caulk to form a gasket between the two containers.

Mated and painted. An airless sprayer did the trick here.

At $9.00 a sheet you can't beat OSB.

After shellacking the OSB (polishing a turd?) I installed a transition flashing that I had made at the local sheet metal shop. 

Home sweet home.

Here is the simple sub-panel setup. I get my power from the shop next door via an appropriately sized pig-tail. I've got two legs of 120v so I have 240V when I need it.

I used light fixtures with pull chords to eliminate the need to wire and run conduit for a light switch.

Coming soon... A man door, and maybe a window?